Click here for books that inspired my own expat decision, as well as a few products that might come in handy out there.


8 thoughts on “Resources

    • Steve, thanks for the poke. I’ll try to get a post written tonight. By the way, in case anyone has the impression that Steve and I know each other personally, we don’t. But that doesn’t stop him from ordering me around. And for some reason it works. I don’t know what that says about me.

  1. My husband and I just signed up to follow your blog. We are considering retiring out of country. Please keep us “posted” on your exploits!

  2. Hi – interesting blog. I’ve wanted to do the same thing (expat) since almost forever; but life and responsibilities got in the way. I can finally think about doing it – and feel it needs to be done soon. My profession is of teaching English to speakers of other languages and I speak Spanish, Italian and French – I’ll have a pension, but would want to supplement it. MY BIG PROBLEM : I visited Costa Rica a number of years ago and had a horrifying experience w/ Giant flying cockroaches. I am a pretty flexible and non-squeamish guy – but there is NO WAY I want to live anywhere this can be a problem. – Can this “problem” be effectively contolled? I realize this almost rules out most of Central and South America. Would Uruguay. Chile, Argentina be better since their climates are “temperate”? Europe is out of the question for many reasons. Need some advice if possible. Thanks.

    • Hi Lou, thanks for reading. I’m no entomologist, but I do know that you can find temperate climates in many areas of Central and South America. Take some time to look at places like Antigua, Guatemala or maybe Cuenca, Ecuador. We prefer warmer weather, but a lot of expats choose more mountainous areas with “eternal Springtime” climates. They also like the fact that heating and cooling costs are eliminated, since electricity tends to be the one thing that doesn’t necessarily come cheap in Latin America. I found that the best way to deal with creepy crawly things is to get your mind right though. For most of my life, spiders were my one true phobia. But I was surprised how much I didn’t freak out when I started seeing the occasional tarantula on my patio. I did, however, avoid walking around barefoot at night.

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