About Me

I am a 48-year-old ad man who woke up one day and realized that most of what I find myself doing on any given day is not contributing to a satisfying or compelling life story.  So, relatively fresh on the heels of bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce, I set a goal of moving to Latin America by October of 2012.

This is my very first blog, started on the actual day I fell out of love with life in the States.  Therefore if you are interested in one day becoming an expat yourself, I recommend you start at the beginning by clicking here.  Along the way, you’ll experience what I do: namely a whole lot of confusion, planning, self-doubt, job quitting, steps forward, steps backward, unwarranted optimism, pretzel logic and eventually—if all goes as planned—liberation.

Unfortunately, you may also be subjected to occasional lunatic philosophy, political rants and, of course, my potty mouth.  But I figure that’s the price you pay for making me go first.

John Brighton



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So happy to have found your blog. Have truly enjoyed reading through your “rants.” For a man of so few spoken words in life, this has been a joy to get a glimpse into your inner workings. Can’t wait to watch the journey unfold.

  2. Not exactly sure how I came upon your blog, but my wife and I are in the same boat, headed hopefully to a tropical mountain paradise where the 9-5 work till you drop mentality is unheard of. In search of slower paced living and enjoying nature and learning more about ourselves will be in our future. We are in the planning stages after a trip to Panama last year. I look forward to reading your blog on your progress!

    • Thanks for writing Dave and Stephanie. You know I know exactly where your heads are at right now. I just hope you’ll keep the fire stoked long enough to make it happen. When we cross the border in loaded down Jeep Cherokee in two weeks, it will have been just a little over 8 months since the day I came to my senses and wrote that very first post. I would advise you, and anyone else in our position to start a blog. It has a way of keeping the thought alive. You know other people are watching and rooting for you to cross that finish line. Some days it’s the only thing that keep you from falling back into the ranks of the undead.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog while comparing prices between Ottawa, Ontario and places to live in south america, I’m turning 20 going into college and feel the exact same about the way of living in north america. I’ve been told by alot of people that they were surprised on how much I know about things (vague but cannot put a name on it), im very aware and analytical and have a good understanding on alot of things.. or maybe thats the know it all teen attitude. I’m currently trying to save enough to pay for school and already feel like school in pointless in life, that its something you do “because”. It’s what your suppose to do, go to school than get a job. I want to skip this completely and move to south american and live a laid back life, NOT have to get up at 8 for work everyday and work all day just to have enough money to eat, pay for education and be miserable. Im interested in hearing what you have to say, I have noone to talk to this about, im 20 years younger than you but feel like im at the same point in space, our society, life etc. Don’t get me wrong in no way do I want to skip all the hard work in life, im a very hard working person, I just feel like our north american society and the way we have been shown what we are suppose to do in life, consumerism etc is bullshit and that we should be spending more time living life, while still working, but focused on life more as a whole and not money work spend buy work make money buy.

    • Jordan,
      I’m impressed at your ability to see and express all of the above at your young age. I was too busy doing what I was told in my 20’s. You may want to consider something Diana’s son and daughter are thinking of doing this fall. It’s a highly respected four week course in how to Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Apparently their method gives you the ability to teach English without having to know the language of your students. The school also offers placement services all over the world. You won’t make much money at it, but you could travel the world, and who knows the kinds of doors that could open up at your age! Check out this link for more information. http://www.tefl-tesl.com/ We’re considering a move to Guadalajara in a fall if Jen and Tyler decide to go for it. In fact, Diana hasn’t ruled out taking the class along with them. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to keep us posted. Good Luck!

  4. Good for you brother. I’m going to be doing the same at the end of this year, the stress of my job and life up here just do not appeal to me anymore; I phones, cable TV, etc. Once I pay off some more of my debt; I’m off–and Central America is my destination too!

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