6 thoughts on “Loreto, Baja California Sur: rear view

      • Thanks, Kew. Actually the transition continues, as you’ve probably gathered by now. In short, this has become another scouting trip, but a much more fruitful one. There’s more to do back home. More to sell, more kid and grandkid stuff to square up, a certain old man waiting for pictures and proof, etc. We decided to relieve the pressure valve a bit by giving ourselves until after Christmas for the final move. That being said, we plan to ink a rental agreement down here starting January 1 and are also looking at a rentable bar/restaurant property for Diana and Mike to possibly team up on. They’re both great at that sort of thing, and I’ve promised to stay the hell out of the way.

  1. Good to see that the dream remains alive within you! It looks like I will be going to Panama in early January, without Tina, to continue our search for Nirvana. Good luck John, in finding your Nirvana!

    • Good luck to you too, Ed. We sure liked what little we saw of Panama City. Will be interested to hear your take.

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