Maya’s trip: part 3

Lots to learn here.  Thanks again, Maya, for sharing your experience with everyone.  Please continue to keep us posted on the move, assimilation, etc.  And, more importantly, get started on your blog!

Thank you, thank you! I’m back in Toronto now, and I have to say that I can’t wait to go back. It’s a rat-race and traffic here, not to mention – frost at night.
People here (US, Canada) have so many more possessions and conveniences, yet they are not happy… I guess there is always more to be had, and the pressure to acquire.
I was chatting with the cab driver on my way to Quito, a very cheerful fellow. He said: “I have my job, I have my family, a house, and social security – what more can I wish for?” OK, enough of philosophical musings…
Just to give you a few details of the buying process: once my offer was accepted, we made same day appointment with a local abogado, or lawyer. He was recommended to me by two local real estate agents. Luckily, these nice ladies did not hold my private purchase against me (by the way – if you need a good, solid and nice real estate agent in Cotacachi and area, contact Micky Enright. Google “Micky Enright Cotacachi” and her website will come up).
The sellers came with a folder full of documents; the abogado reviewed them very thoroughly – all the permits, approvals, plans etc. Everything happened to be in order. He then drafted a “letter of intent” specifying who’s buying what from whom, and how it’s going to be paid for; attached a copy to my passport to their letter, a copy of their “cedulas” to my letter, and charged me…$20 for 1,5 hour of work.
The sellers bought me ice-cream to celebrate. I’m doing a deposit of 5% today to their bank account; the remaining amount will be transfered when I go back, and the final paperwork will be done.
The sellers and I speak Spanish, so we avoided the cost of translations etc.
Now I have to decide what to sell/give away, what to keep, what to do with th estuff to keep, how to transport my two cats, what to do with my leased car. any advice/insignt will be appreciated!
I really would like to be there no later than the beginning of November.
I’ve been cautioned that buying from the locals may be more complicated – for ex. sometimes several members of a family have some rights to the title, it’s hard to determine if the seller actually can sell, and so on.
More soon.

6 thoughts on “Maya’s trip: part 3

  1. Hi there. Was wondering if there was an update to Maya’s trip? Im single, female and plan on moving to latin/south america within a year. So her story is very inspirational to me!
    And thanks to John for supporting her through your blog. 🙂

    • Hi Kat,
      Haven’t heard from her in a while. If she doesn’t respond to this message post, I’ll shoot her your email if you like. I’m getting curious about her progress as well. My guess is she’s up to her neck in the details of getting moved and acclimated, which I can certainly understand. It’s all fun and games until you start pulling up those stakes and asking the tough questions like “Why do we have three toasters?”

  2. Thanks John. I’d love an update. And ah yes, the three toaster dilemma. “Why do we have them… And what the heck do we do with them now?”

  3. Maya,
    Hope to hear an update soon. I loved Ecuador, but my wife did not. So we continue our search. I am happy for you that you have found Ecuador. I look forward to returning.

  4. Maya, we are planning to move from Texas to Cotacachi in May, 2013 and would love to continue reading your experiences! We would like to have access to your blog when you get it started. I’ll probably wait until January 1st to start ours as we’re not breaking the news to our family until after Christmas.

    We so love your posts! I’m going to share them with my single sister whom I’m encouraging to join us in Ecuador. Thanks so much!
    Jan and Larry

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