Hanging up the tie

We met a great restaurant owner here in Crucitas. He is Ecuadorian and moved here from Quito about seven months ago to hang up his tie. It is literally on display behind the bar his girls run while he enthusiastically serves customers all afternoon and evening long. His food is a step above and his drinks come equipped with “Crazy Straws.” He speaks at least Spanish and English–but I suspect several others–and he has two English menus on-hand for those occasional gringo visitors. A great success story demonstrating how a little extra attention can be all it takes in Coastal Ecuador. The restaurant is called Motumbo. If you ever go there, be sure to order the banana daiquiri. It comes complete with an extra shot of banana liquor served in a shot glass made from a banana.


9 thoughts on “Hanging up the tie

    • We honestly don’t know yet, Kew. We’ve decided we just may need to get back home and decompress for a few days. Will write some more about the specific places later. Right now, we’re going to hit the beach one last time. Talk to you soon.

      • That sounds smart. Now that you’ve got some real facts and observations, you can make a more educated decision after you decompress. Manta looks interesting to me as well. Maybe a good balance of city size, cost of living, beach scene, and conveniences. Safe travels back.

      • I think the good balance thing is exactly what Manta has going for it. If you’re not trying to escape civilization altogether, I think it would be a good choice.

    • By the way, we’re in Manta right now, and it’s nicer than I had imagined. A big, popular beach that is super clean. Good sized city/town with a little more to do than some of the tiny coastal stops. Tough to weight that against the absolute peace and quiet of a San Clemente or Olan. Planning to explore more of Manta today.

  1. Interesting! Just read some posts absolutely trashing Manta as dirty, noisy and “nothing to do” place. One more reason for going and seeing with your own little eyes…

    • It’s definitely one of the cleanest places we’ve been. We were told it’s the only city in Ecuador that has trash pick-up 7 days a week. The major beach has trash and recycling receptacles the size of Volkswagens every hundred yards or so, and people use them. In fact, the sad thing about the truly dirty towns is there are no–or very few–garbage cans to be found. Manta and Bahia look like proof that people will use them if they exist.

  2. You really do have to see it for yourself. I have been to Paris many times and have yet to see the DIRTY Paris I always hear about! My husband does tend to be sucked into the negatives he hears, so I can’t wait to get there and dispel the rumours as you have.I hope your followers here that will move or travel to Ecuador share their experiences also.
    Thanks- Sherene in Georgia

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