How many miles is 1,237 kilometers?

How many mile is 1,237 kilometers?

Well that’s how many we’re going to cover if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise. Diana read somewhere that Ecuador is approximately the size of Colorado, which is a convenient frame of reference since–as you know–that’s where I grew up. I hear Ecuador has bigger mountains and better beaches though.

4 thoughts on “How many miles is 1,237 kilometers?

      • Nice loop. You’re covering alot of ground and hitting the key areas. Where are you flying out of?

      • Houston to Panama City to Guayaquil. The loop is best case scenario. I really wouldn’t be surprised if we cut it short at some point along the way. Gotta have time to test out the relaxation factor. And since we’re ultimately planning to return with a couple backpacks and not much else, we can always rethink it if we choose poorly at first.

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