This just in: moving to Ecuador is “not reality”

The next time you get bored and need some real entertainment, try calling a dozen friends and telling them you’re moving to Ecuador.  If your experience is anything like ours, three will be shocked, three will be excited, three will start crying, two will inexplicably change the subject, and one will get pissed.

Why pissed?  Well, according to those who clearly know better than Diana and myself, “Everyone dreams of just dropping everything and moving someplace tropical, but that’s not reality!”

Apparently, the realistic thing to do is suck it up and stay right here in the Land of Opportunity no matter how miserable it makes you.  You know, sit in that traffic jam like a man, goddammit.  Besides, who are we to just pack up and try something fun or exciting while everyone else marches to their graves like adults?

Actually, I can answer that:

Diana is a middle aged woman whose father was killed by a drunk driver at age twelve.  Afterwards, she would assume much of the responsibility for raising her siblings until becoming pregnant at age sixteen.  Demands that she end the pregnancy would eventually give way to pleas for her to give the baby up for adoption, neither of which she would entertain.  She went on to raise four children in total, each amazing in his or her own distinct way.  Unfortunately, nowhere in her story is the part where she, herself, gets to have a childhood.

For my part, I got a childhood.  A pretty great one, actually.  I was raised by a mother and father who were both orphaned as children.  Their dream for my brothers and me was to provide as much of what they, themselves, had missed out on as humanly possible.  Together, they squeaked into the middle class and gave us the tools we needed to chase whatever dreams we chose.  Unfortunately I chose poorly in the belief that money was the stuff of happiness.  I made some, and it wasn’t.

Moving to Ecuador may or may not be everyone’s reality, but it is–or at least it soon will be–ours.  Anyone who thinks they can talk us out of our reality is mistaken. Just ask the people who tried to talk Di into aborting that baby thirty years ago.

6 thoughts on “This just in: moving to Ecuador is “not reality”

  1. Thanks for this nice, very personal blog. I myself might as well move to Ecuador within a few months. You are planning to move to the Ecuadorian coast? Quito? Elsewhere? I’ll be following your posts. Regards.

    • Thanks Juan, glad you’re enjoying it. My fiancee and I are interested in the coast, while my brother is researching the mountain towns and villages. We’re flying down next month to scout the possibilities. Will be covering as much territory as we can over two weeks with a goal of moving down for good sometime in October. Again, thanks for your interest in the blog.

  2. So glad to have found this blog! My hubby and I are considering central or south america within the next 15 years, when we are planning on selling our small business and retiring. The uncertainty over health care costs is what drives us the most, But, since we are both world travelers, and I actually grew up in Jamaica, we are also international souls at heart. Will keep following your progress. Hope you will continue to blog long after you have arrive to help pave the way for the rest of us!

    • I’m glad you found it too. I don’t know about “paving the way” and all that, but yes I am definitely interested in continuing the blog long after we finally move. If nothing else, it will be fun to look back on where we’ve been, and what we were thinking at various stages. Welcome aboard!

  3. John,
    I really enjoy your blog – found it just a few days ago, doing research on Ecuador. I’m also planning a short trip from Toronto next month to explore, and hope to move to Ecuador soon after, for the same reasons as you. I had a good laugh about the “pissed friend” – just had a conversation with one, who painted such a bleak picture of the “third world countries”, despite (unlike me) not putting his foot in Central or South America EVER, that I should immediately abandon the idea and run away screaming.
    I’m too interested in the coast, and possibly Cuenca. Best of luck to you and Diana, I hope our paths will cross – you both seem to be lovely people!

    • Thanks Maya, I suspected when I started the blog just over two months ago that there would be plenty of people who could relate as long as I was completely transparent and honest in the writing. But I have to admit I’m surprised at how quickly it has taken on a life of it’s own. I have never been a heavy user of social media, and had never even read a blog until the day I started writing. I’m so glad I did. There is nothing quite like relating with people who “get” you. Good luck in your travels, and thanks again for taking the time to read/comment.

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