Diana takes down her shingle

We’re learning that one of the really tough things about the extrication process is figuring out the best order to do things.  Which comes first, quitting your job or finding a new place to live?  Telling your friends or telling your clients? Someone should make a consulting business out of this.

In the meantime, Diana has decided that this is as good a time as any to close down her massage studio, so we’ve got our weekend cut out for us.  She had been winding it down for a while now, choosing to only see existing clients.  But it’s pretty much reached the point of diminishing returns, so we’ll be packing it up and hauling it home where it will join the larger pile of stuff we no longer have a use for.

Di’s massage and wax business was another casualty of the economic crash.  She had only recently moved to a prime downtown location when the winter of 2008 brought a sudden and decisive end to most people’s discretionary spending.  And, it doesn’t get much more discretionary than enjoying a massage or getting your giblets waxed.

Through the years, Diana’s clients have been extremely loyal, often following her from one location to the next without even considering her competitors.  Having spent more than a few hours on her table, it’s not hard to see why.  She is quiet, earthy, smart and genuine; the kind of person you can tell anything to.  And believe me they do.  Diana’s knows more about some of her client’s lives than any psychiatrist could hope for.  And they all seem to instinctively know that what is said on Di’s massage table stays on the Di’s massage table.  No matter how many times I ask.

Personally, I don’t say too much on Diana’s table.  In fact I’m lucky to last more than 20 minutes into a massage without falling asleep.  She has Ambien hands. I still don’t know if she actually bothers to finish the massage once she hears the first snore.

Regardless, It’s all coming home on Saturday.  This will be hard for Diana, but we’re both trying to keep our eye on the big picture.

Some days it’s clearer than others.

4 thoughts on “Diana takes down her shingle

  1. What time frame are you looking to go down south? Do you have a “plan of attack”? I am looking to go down in spring next year. Will defintely be looking for your advice once you’ve made your transition. Happy 4th!

    • Our scouting trip is set for the first half of August. Diana, my brother Mike and myself. We’ll be scouting the coastal areas primarily, although Mike is suddenly interested in looking at a place in the mountains for himself with the idea that the three of us could bounce between the two at will. I kind of like this idea because Mike and I were raised in Colorado and spent much of our childhood hiking at 11,000 feet. I could imagine needing a break from the beach on occasion. At any rate, when we return from scouting we’ll have a about two months to finalize things and hopefully be flying down to stay by mid October. I don’t know if I’ll be qualified to hand out advice by next spring, but that probably won’t stop me from trying!

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