Umm, slight change of plans. I might be quitting tomorrow.

My goal was to do it on July 31 until my two friends had to go and ask “Why wait?”  I kind of stammered through a half-ass list of stuff that was slowing me down for one reason or another.  Fortunately, they cut me off before I could even finish making what was shaping up to be a pretty crappy argument anyway.

That’s when my fiancee showed up with the news that she had talked to her youngest son–a brilliant 17-year-old anarchist/pub cook–and gotten his blessing.  This was the final piece of the puzzle for her, placing the timeline roundly in my lap.

It was Chris and Michael’s contention that I was being a pussy of sorts.  They joked about “White Fanging” me if need be–an allusion to the movie where the boy throws rocks at his pet wolf so he’ll run out into the wild where he belongs.

The truth is, I really am running out of reasons to delay this announcement.  Particularly considering my desire to work out a freelance arrangement with the agency.  After all, that generally means things like giving plenty of notice, helping with transitional stuff, assuring clients that they will remain in good hands, etc.

So it looks like tomorrow I just might reach down into the sack and see if I can’t grab a pair.  No guarantees, but if you’re on the growing list of people who seem to enjoy watching this particular sausage being made, you might want to check back tomorrow night for an update.

I’m 50/50 if you want to know the truth.

4 thoughts on “Umm, slight change of plans. I might be quitting tomorrow.

  1. Go for it! We are moving our family to Ecuador in 6 weeks. When we first told family and friends we were met with looks of disbelief (and other discouraging things). Like you, my husband had a great paying job (career). We have 9 year old twins. We are now developing a village along the coast! I will be watching! Enjoy the adventure.

    • Permaculture. It is just outside Bahia. We could use your expertise as well. See, you may already have a new job lined up! We break ground in September. Have you visited Ecuador? It is a magical country. The main way it differs from other central and south american countries is that the climate isn’t too hot any time of the year and it is virtually bug free on the coast.

      • Chatterbox is right John. Go with your gut and not what the “perception” will be. Also, will there be a need for a “village idiot” there? I may be interested. 🙂

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