Is There Ever a Perfect Time to Become An Expat?

I kind of doubt it.  To me, it’s like waiting for the perfect time to have a baby. There’s no such thing.  So instead, we just turn off the lights and go for it.  Nine months later, it’s no longer a choice.  We embrace the new reality and make the most of it.

The one thing I do know is the tumblers in my brain have finally clicked into place.  In other words, it still may not be the perfect time, but it is time.

Luckily, my fiancee feels it too.  We are both in our late forties.  She has raised four children which are now “on their own.”  We no longer have debt to speak of.  We rent our home, month-to-month.

Another unique factor that creates a sense of urgency for us is that fact that I have been offered two different partnerships in the past two months.  Both offers came from friends who own their own very successful ad agencies.  A third partnership opportunity, if I chose to pursue it, exists at my current agency.  However, I have not–and apparently will not–choose to accept any of them.  You can’t own an ad agency in the States from the jungles of Honduras.  And even if you could, who would want to?

However, I may decide to work remotely for any or all of these companies on a project basis. Writing ads–even high concept ones–comes easily to me after 25 years of practice.  By my calculations, a few hours a week on the laptop would provide more than enough income to support the new, simpler life we’ve imagined for ourselves.

It’s kind of a mind-fuck to suddenly stumble across a whole new definition of success.  A thing like that doesn’t just run its course.

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