Why NOT to Get Into Advertising

If you’re thinking of working at an agency because it’s somehow glamorous, think again. Somewhere there’s a guy shoveling elephant shit at the circus because he always wanted to be in show business.

2 thoughts on “Why NOT to Get Into Advertising

  1. John,

    I must be about your age. I am 58 yrs old.

    I have been in the financial advisor field for the past 25 years. Please consider looking into options for your retirement money. You do not need to give the IRS a boat load of money right now. But if you insist, a Roth conversion could make a lot of sense. Especially if the investment money was invested in something that could do well when the shit hits the fan.

    I feel like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, or Pinoccio these days. I man well, but the banksters see to it that I have Reverse Midas Touch.

    I also plan to sell my home, then follow in your footsteps. It should be fun telling my boss what I have in mind as well.

    I grew up in a family without much money. Later in life, I did well financially, and have a modest, but nice nest egg. I figure a modest life in Ecuador will be OK. I do not need to live with the wealthy Gringos in Cuenca.

    I just want to live somewhere where I can live like we used to. You know, in a free country.

    Good luck John, you are not nuts.

    • Thanks for the input, John. I am actually thinking about a Roth. Too tired to write much about it tonight, but I’d like to talk more all of the above. Have a good night.

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